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Greenlight Collectibles
Greenlight Collectibles 1:43 Scale Cars
Greenlight Collectibles All Terrain
Greenlight Collectibles Annivarsary Collection
Greenlight Collectibles Black Bandit
Greenlight Collectibles Blue Collar Collection
Greenlight Collectibles Camaro Collection
Greenlight Collectibles Club V-Dub
Greenlight Collectibles Corvette Racing, SCCA Racing
Greenlight Collectibles Country Roads
Greenlight Collectibles GL Muscle
Greenlight Collectibles Green Machines
Greenlight Collectibles Hitch & Tow
Greenlight Collectibles Hobby Dealer Exclusive
Greenlight Collectibles Hollywood
Greenlight Collectibles Hot Pursuit
Greenlight Collectibles Indy Cars
Greenlight Collectibles Motor World
Greenlight Collectibles Road Racers
Greenlight Collectibles Speed
Happy Meal Toys
Harley Davidson
Hess Trucks
Hot Wheels Adult Collection
Hot Wheels Blue Cards
Hot Wheels Boulevard
Hot Wheels Character Cars
Hot Wheels Classics
Hot Wheels Cool Classics
Hot Wheels Dark Rider Series
Hot Wheels Delivery
Hot Wheels Fire Squad Series
Hot Wheels Flying Customs
Hot Wheels Garage
Hot Wheels Holiday Rods
Hot Wheels Hot Ones
Hot Wheels HWC/RLC Cars
Hot Wheels Larry's Garage
Hot Wheels Loose Cars
Hot Wheels Marvel Character Cars
Hot Wheels Mod Bod Series
Hot Wheels Mustang Mania
Hot Wheels Nostalgic
Hot Wheels Photo Finish Series
Hot Wheels Pop Culture
Hot Wheels Power Rangers
Hot Wheels Race Team Series
Hot Wheels Racing Metals Series
Hot Wheels Real Riders Series
Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment
Hot Wheels ReVealers
Hot Wheels Silver Series
Hot Wheels Star Wars Character Cars
Hot Wheels Straight Track
Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts
Johnny Lightning
Johnny Lightning 35th Anniversary Chevrolet Camaro
Johnny Lightning American Heroes USA
Johnny Lightning Boogie Vans
Johnny Lightning Chevy High Performance
Johnny Lightning Classic Gold Collection
Johnny Lightning Coca-Cola
Johnny Lightning Firebird
Johnny Lightning Hot Rod Magazine
Johnny Lightning Hot Rods
Johnny Lightning Hummer
Johnny Lightning Lightning Strike 2005 New Cars
Johnny Lightning Limited Anniversary Edition
Johnny Lightning Mopar Muscle
Johnny Lightning Mopar or no car
Johnny Lightning Muscle Cars USA
Johnny Lightning Mustang
Johnny Lightning Ragtops
Johnny Lightning Street Freaks
Johnny Lightning Super 70's
Johnny Lightning Volkswagen
Johnny Lightning Willys Gasser II
Johnny Lightning Woodys & Panels
Johnny Lightning Working Trucks & SUVs
M2 Machines
M2 Machines 1:24 Scale
M2 Machines Auto Haulers
M2 Machines Auto Japan
M2 Machines Auto Lifts
M2 Machines Auto Mods
M2 Machines Auto Projects
M2 Machines Auto Thentics
M2 Machines Auto Trucks
M2 Machines Bootlegger
M2 Machines Camaro Fifty
M2 Machines Chase Cars
M2 Machines Coca Cola
M2 Machines Detroit Cruisers
M2 Machines Detroit Muscle
M2 Machines Drivers 101
M2 Machines Moon Pie
M2 Machines Mooneyes
M2 Machines Premium Edition Shelby
M2 Machines Titanium
M2 Machines Tom Kelly
M2 Machines Van Go Hobby Dealer Exclusive
M2 Machines Volkswagen
M2 Machines Wild Cards
Thomas The Tank Train
Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

RDTW Collectables Tullytown,Pa #1 Hobby Shop

We now have the lastest styles and colors

available in the following M2 Machines

Coca-Cola Release RW02

As of July 28th, 2018

M2 Machines

We will be carring the following M2 Machines: M2 Machines Coca-Cola, M2 Machines Auto-Japan Release, M2 Machines Drivers 101 Release, M2 Machines Auto-Thentics Release, M2 Machines Titanium Release, M2 Machines Shelby Release, M2 Machines Auto-Trucks Release, M2 Machines Chase, M2 Machines Tom Kelly Release, M2 Machines Wild Cards Release, M2 Machines Auto-Haulers Release, M2 Machines Detroit-Cruisers Release, M2 Machines Detroit-Muscle Release, M2 Machines Volkswagen Release, M2 Machines Auto-Projects Release, M2 Machines Bootlegger Release, M2 Machines Van Go Release, M2 Machines Auto-Lifts and M2 Machines Moon Pie Release. M2 Machines are introducing a line of vehicles that have never seen the light of die-cast and others that have never been so well represented in such fine detail. Initial releases will focus on classics of the 50s & 60s. Some of their features will be dazzling chrome, fabulous fins, and 2 & 3 tone paint schemes that may insight great moments in their past or simply bring them back to a simpler more innocent time of classic beauty and clean raw power that was the golden age of automobile styling and technology. Opening doors, opening hoods, detailed interiors, detailed authentic engines, real chrome bumpers, and detailed emblems and ornaments. These cars will be in a class all by themselves.

Greenlight Collectibles

Greenlight Collectibles Black Bandit: First introduced in 2004, each Black Bandit car is meticulously produced with a triple-black theme. Black body paint, black interior detail, and custom black wheels are the distinguishing characteristics of these "outlaw" vehicles. The sleek styling of these renegade die-cast replicas will make you want to collect them all.

Greenlight Collectibles County Roads: GreenLight embraces the essence of small town USA and brings it to you with its line of die-cast cars, County Roads. This tribute to small town USA features cars like the unrestored Chevy Chevelle and Dodge pick-up truck you would find driving through these small towns and on the back roads of America.

Greenlight Collectibles GL Muscle: GL Muscle is a collection of the greatest American performance machines both classic and modern. Each car is grouped with a second set of tires and wheels that can be switched out. Each car also comes along with a serialized Trading Card, the first of GreenLight's lines to include this. GreenLight is dedicated to visually maintaining the distinct characteristics and details that have made these cars so great.

Greenlight Collectibles Hollywood: Lights, Camera, Action! GreenLight has put the love of the silver screen into something slightly smaller with 1:64th scale replicas. GreenLight Hollywood takes iconic film and television vehicles from both the past and present and brings them to life with four-wheeled diecast replicas.

Greenlight Collectibles Hot Pursuit: GreenLight has reached new heights with its one-of-a-kind 1:64th scale Hot Pursuit line. GreenLight has always taken pride in its reputation for authenticity and this product mix is no exception. Separating itself from the competition, every vehicle in this line is a recreation of an actual authentic car and is officially licensed by the individual police department. These are not fantasy creation, but the real deal!

Greenlight Collectibles Motor World: MotorWorld is an affordable, collectible die-cast line of 1:64th and 1:43rd scale authentic vehicles. This line features vehicles from global car manufacturers from around the world. Under a three different series (Classic series, All-American Series and Speed Series) MotorWorld offers well known domestic brands along side with some of the most popular global car brands such as Jaguar and Lamborghini.

Greenlight Collectibles Road Racers: 1:64 Road Racers commemorates the non-sponsored driver owned cars that race in professional and amateur events. All cars included in Road Racers have been raced or are currently racing.

In addition we will be carring the following Greenlight Collectibles Series: Greenlight Collectibles 1:43 Scale Cars, Greenlight Collectibles Camaro Collection, Greenlight Collectibles Corvette Racing, SCCA Racing, Greenlight Collectibles Green Machines, Greenlight Collectibles Hobby Dealer Exclusive, Greenlight Collectibles Indy Cars, Greenlight Collectibles Speed,

Johnny Lightning

Johnny Lightning we have over 200 Johnny Lightning items. We purchased a collection which has pretty much one each of these beauties in it. I will be listing these on the website. If you wish to come to the shop to see these Johnny Lightning, please check our store hours before you come. Here is a list of some of the series we have: Johnny Lightning Street Freaks, Johnny Lightning American Heroes USA, Johnny Lightning Boogie Vans, Johnny Lightning Classic Gold Collection, Johnny Lightning Muscle Cars USA, Johnny Lightning Coca-Cola, Johnny Lightning Volkswagen, Johnny Lightning Lightning Strike 2005 New Cars, Johnny Lightning Hot Rod Magazine, Johnny Lightning Hummer, Johnny Lightning Firebird, Johnny Lightning 35th Anniversary Chevrolet Camaro, Johnny Lightning Willys Gassers II, Johnny Lightning Limited Anniversary Edition, Johnny Lightning Mopar or no car, Johnny Lightning Working Trucks & SUVs, Johnny Lightning Chevy High Performance

We have a large selection of Thomas The Tank Train pieces. We have collectible Thomas The Tank Train Engines, we have collectible Thomas The Tank Train Cars, we have Thomas The Tank Train Tracks, we have Thomas The Tank Train Buildings, We have Thomas The Tank Train accessories. All of these pieces are made of wood.

Our Hess Trucks go from 1977 to the most recent 2007 Hess Truck. Every Christmas Hess produces a limited number of these very popular vehicles. We have our Hess Trucks at really great prices. Furthermore, all of our Hess Trucks come with original box unless otherwise mentioned.

Happy Meal Toys are another great collector's item. We have Happy Meal Toys from McDonald's, Happy Meal Toys from Burger King and Happy Meal Toys from Wendy's. There are Disney Happy Meal Toys, Ty Beannie Baby Happy Meal Toys and Nickelodeon Happy Meal Toys.

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards is yet another great collector's item. We have some of the very First Yu-Gi-Oh Cards that came out that are very hard to find. We have Yu-Gi-Oh Cards from the Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon Series, Yu-Gi-Oh Cards from the Metal Raiders Series, Yu-Gi-Oh Cards from the Pharaoh's Servant Series. Yu-Gi-Oh Cards form the McDonald’s Promo, Yu-Gi-Oh Cards from the Labyrinth of Nightmare Series, Yu-Gi-Oh Cards from the Kaiba Series, Yu-Gi-Oh Cards from the Legacy of Darkness Series, Yu-Gi-Oh Cards from the Magic Ruler Series, Yu-Gi-Oh Cards from the Collectors Tin Cards Series and Yu-Gi-Oh Cards from the Yugi Series.

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Hot Ones not only were they a hit back in 1981 when the series first appeared, but The Hot Ones have been burning hot with collectors in 2011. The series, which highlights early post-Redline era castings, will continue in 2012 in a big way. Look for more of your favorites to return from inactive status, and get to know some exciting new castings! You can still expect to find gold-chromed hubs on some of these releases, just like the originals. Adorned with classic Hot Wheels deco, each casting features die-cast body and chassis.

Hot Wheels Boulevard has wild designs, blasts from the past; hits and misses,These cars and castings make statements in the automotive world. No matter how you feel about them, they will not be overlooked. The Hot Wheels Boulevard series consists of segments such as Legends, Show Rods and Concept Cars -- the kind of rides that car enthusiasts and collectors can always be heard talking about.

You will find ten thrilling new Hot Wheels castings making their debut in this series, the 55 Lincoln Futura Concept, the 52 Hudson Hornet and the Custom 34 Chrysler Airflow among them. The beautiful vehicles in this series will feature Real Riders wheels and die-cast body and chassis, and you can find fun facts about them in each package.

Hot Wheels Nostalgic what do Masters of the Universe, DC Comics, General Mills cereals and Hersheys all have in common? We loved em when we were kids -- and we still do! Even more importantly to us Hot Wheels collectors: they have all been represented on Hot Wheels editions. And now, with our new Nostalgic Brands, you will find each of these exciting brands staking out its own segment of some of our finest Hot Wheels vehicles!

You will find five newly re-tooled castings in the line, including the much-anticipated return of the Dream Van XGW. All castings in the series will feature Real Riders wheels and die-cast body and chassis -- some for the very first time! Each will feature eye-blistering deco commemorating the brands we know like old friends.

In addition we will be carring the following Hot Wheels: Hot Wheels DC Comics, Hot Wheels Delivery, Hot Wheels Dragstrip Demons, Hot Wheels Flying Customs, Hot Wheels Garage, Hot Wheels Holiday Rods, Hot Wheels Larry's Garage, Hot Wheels Mustang Mania, Hot Wheels Pop Culture, Hot Wheels Power Rangers, Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment, Hot Wheels Vintage Racing, Hot Wheels Blue Cards, Hot Wheels Classics, Hot Wheels Cool Classics, Hot Wheels HWC/RLC cars, Hot Wheels Revealers, Hot Wheels Race Team Series, Hot Wheels Dark Rider Series, Hot Wheels Racing Metals Series, Hot Wheels Real Riders Series, Hot Wheels Silver Series.

In addition we will be carring the following Matchbox Cars: Matchbox 60th Anniversary, Matchbox Supreme Hero, and Matchbox Best of Matchbox

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